One Room Challenge | Week Three | A Blank Canvas

Week Three of The One Challenge is in the books. Check it off the list ✔️. In theory, week three marks the halfway point of the project…in reality, we still have a way to go. And I am sure we are not the only ones in the ORC universe feeling the time crunch 😉. Of course, some progress has been made. We started with a sunroom that had lost its purpose, we installed (ahem, hired someone to install) some black slate floors, and this week the walls got some extra love and attention.

Sunroom White Trim.JPG
Sunroom White Walls 1.JPG
Sunroom White Walls 2

Walls Become a Blank Canvas

You would think choosing a white paint color would be easy; white is white after all. It just isn’t so. There are hundreds of white paint colors, and I’m quite sure I have looked at most of those chips through the years…numerous times. The sunroom walls are getting their final coat of Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW7008). I was looking for a soft white without any blue or green undertones. We still need to put one more coat on, but so far they look perfect. Thanks, Keenan, for doing the work! (This mama doesn’t do tall ladders!!)

The wood window trim is also getting a fresh coat of white paint. The downstairs woodwork has mostly all been converted to white, so the sunroom wanted to join the party. I originally thought I would tackle this job…and then decided to let the experts have all the fun. We were already getting our exterior painted, and when there was rain in the forecast, they fit us into the schedule. In the end, I’m so thankful they worked us in. One coat of contact primer, one coat of stain blocker, three coats of paint, and the job is going to be done tomorrow. Eek! I would have never finished!

Sunroom Flat Lay.jpg

A Peek at the Aesthetic

My fingers (and wallet!) have been getting a workout this week as I have started to buy items for the room. We are bringing texture to the room with velvet and linen fabric, caning, wood, plants, and, of course, the slate floor! I have ordered some of the art and am debating on the final size of the large piece for above the daybed. The UPS driver just delivered a package. Something in dusty pink velvet! There might be a sneak peak on Instagram in the near future! Here’s what we have left:

The to-do list. Italics=partially completed.

  • Source tile
  • Install tile
  • Paint window frames white
  • Paint room
  • Paint and install new baseboards
  • Source and order lighting
  • Source and order art
  • Build bookcases
  • Build daybed frame
  • Order caning
  • Make daybed cushion cover
  • Sew and purchase pillow covers
  • Install lighting
  • Decide on table top
  • Source seating for table
  • Buy greenery and plants
  • Source accessories
  • Source window treatments

This weekend will be daybed and bookcase building weekend. All hands will be on deck as we try to knock out the focal point of the room 💪. So, make sure to check in next week and see the (hopefully incredible) progress. In the meantime, there are so many amazing rooms coming together over at the ORC blog.

Until next Thursday, Staci